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Questions& Solutions about PiPO tablets

1) How to update firmware?

Please watch: http://youtu.be/qNAgJaLvQKM

Upgrade procedure:


Firmware Download:



2) Tablet can not connect to WiFi

a. Make sure the WiFi router works properly.

b. Make sure you have open WiFi module (in Settings).

c. Try to move closer to the WiFi hotspot.

d. Make sure you enter the correct user name and password.

Most of our tablets support 802.11 b/g/n, WPA/WPA2, but not compatible with WEP. (M6, U8 support 802.11 a/b/g/n). If you find your tablet WiFi signal is often weak, please check and adjust your wireless router configuration.


3) What causes weak WiFi signal? The network or the router?

It directly connects to the network.

The distance to WiFi station. If it is close to the station, the WiFi signal is stronger. 

Router transmitting distance. Routers have different transmitting distance, such as 200meters, 500meters and 1000meters.  

4) WiFi network is very fast at other places but very slow at home, what's going on?

 Wireless router setup encryption is WPA, Change the algorithm from TSK to AES.


5) Why I can't use 3G network?

1. Make sure your tablet is 3G version with 3G module.

2. Tick the “Modem power”. If it still can’t find 3G signal, reboot your tablet.

Modem power: in Settings -- WIRELESS & NETWORKS -- More –Mobile networks –Modem power


6) Some of the games cannot be installed on the tablet 

There are some compatibility issues of Android games. We cannot guarantee to support all of the games/apps you downloaded.


7) Why the tablet running so slowly and the procedure stops sometimes?

You'd better install software or programs into the flash memory (namely the SD card seen on the tablet). If all the software is installed in the internal storage, it will cause the tablet to run very slowly. The internal storage is just like the C-disk of a computer. When the C-disk is full of programs and software, the computer will run slowly accordingly.


8) Why my tablet system often hangs or crash, and how to treat it?

Install too many files or apps, or install incompatible apps will lead to hangs.   

  1. Reset: Press the power button and hold 10 seconds to reset or pin the re-set hole (for most of tablets the reset hold is on the back) to reset it and power on again.
  2. Do a factory data reset: In settings –personal – backup & reset – personal data – factory data reset.
  3. Upgrade the new firmware. If it still can’t fix the issue, it might relate to hardware problem.


9) How can I reset the tablet?

Please note that not all the tablets have a RESET button, so please check whether there is a RESET button on the sides. If so, normally there is a very small round hole (Not holes for Mic, please make sure). When you find it, please use something peaked (like toothpick) to press on the little button in the hole and the tablet will be reset then.


10) Why my tablet cannot read 32GB micro SD card?

Please format the TF card with long format, don't select quick format, and make sure to format it with FAT 32


11) Why can't I charge the tablet?

Make sure the charger is the original one provided by PiPO.

Make sure the charger connects the tablet well, then you can rotate the charging head lightly to make sure the charging head fits the charging port well. If it still does not work, please try another new charger to see if it works, if not, please contact us.


12) Can I charge the tablet via the USB port of the tablet?

M9P, M9, M8P, M8, M7P, M6, M5, M3, M2, M1: No, you cannot. You can only have the power to input to the tablet by DC jack. Please use the original charger to charge the tablet.

S1P, U1P, U8: we have shipped with an USB-DC cable. You can connect the USB side to a PC/car charger/power bank /USB charger.... Just make sure the power voltage for them is 5V.


13) I set the password but I forgot it, how to cancel the password?

Solution 1: If you have already logged on the tablet with Google account, you can reset the password by your Google account and password.

Solution 2:  You have to re-install the firmware, but all of the data will be lost


14) Can I use an external 3G USB dongle (modem) on the tablet?

Android system is not like Windows system, and you cannot install the driver by yourself. Without installing the driver, the tablet cannot recognize the USB dongle. However, we have pre-install some drivers into the Android system.

These are the ones we have tested, you can try. But we don't guarantee, because Huawei/ZTE may change the hardware and in different country the hardware maybe different.


EVDO EC1260 EC1260 00


EVDO EC189 EC189





15) After recovery to the factory default setting, the USB port doesn't work?

Please power off and power on again.


16) After factory data reset, the language changed to Chinese, how can I change it back to English or my language?

Please follow the steps as below:





You can select your language now.

You can also try to update the English firmware. The default language will be English and will not change to Chinese any more


17) Re-start after you update the firmware

After you update firmware, please power off and re-power on the device. This will make the device run more stable. (Like Windows, if you install some software, the Windows system will ask you to re-start the computer.)


18) Can I make phone call on M2/M3/M5/M6/M7P/M8P/M9P, 3G version?

No, you cannot make phone call directly. These tablets support only 3G data, no voice (iPad also supports data only)

However, if you make the 3G connected, you can use Skype to make phone call or to receive the phone call.

19)Why there is no shrink film of my tablet box? Is it New or Old?

We never send used item(s) to our dear customers. Since tablet is of complicated structure, to make sure of no defective and take good quality control, we are requested by our factory to do the second / third quality test after it comes from productions line. So all the tablet our clients get is without shrink film.


20) Why my screen is scratched and seems like used?

We never send used item(s) to our dear customers. All items must be 100% brand new and highly QC tested before shipment to guarantee the quality. To protect the tablet, there is a screen protector on it when leaving the factory. This protector may be frayed during the checking which makes the tablet's screen looks like being scratched. Actually it doesn't. Please just tear off the protector before using, you will find the screen is perfect.


21) How can I get an English User manual?

Go to www.pipo.cn to download it, or contact with our customer service by sending email to cocoli@pipomall.com


22) Why I can't turn on my tablet?

The problem of not working is usually caused by dead battery or low battery.

Please charge the tablet for at least 30 minutes before open it for first time use. If it still does not work, maybe there is problem with the open/closed button or the tablet, please contact us then.


23) Why I can't download something to my tablet?

Please make sure your network is on. Before you download apps from the Android market, you should log in your Gmail account to be registered by Android system. Then go to Android Market to download the apps that will support.


24) Why I can't use my GPS function?

Please confirm if the tablet supports GPS function first. If your tablet supports the GPS function, please confirm whether the GPS navigation software has been installed already or not. Your local maps should be downloaded and installed into your tablet to support the GPS function. Normally, GPS signal will be cut off by the buildings and metals, so please note that GPS function is just for outdoor use.

M9P, M7P: for stronger GPS signal, please roll up the tablet, because GPS antenna is at the right bottom.


25) Why the USB doesn't work?

When the USB cable connected to the tablet, a USB sign will appear on the right bottom of the tablet screen. Please just press on it and pull it up, and click to choose the "Connect USB device", then it will work.

Please make sure your USB cable not only fits for the USB port but also works well or try another one to see if it will work. If not, maybe there is something wrong with the USB port. You can try to find a local repair shop to ask its help.


26) Why I can't see the files in my USB disk or TF card by using this tablet?

As tablet is with Android system, it can only recognize the storage device in FAT Form. So please format your USB disk or TF card into FAT Form, it will work.


27) Why the available RAM is less than the described?

This is because that the operating system has occupied a part of internal memory, meanwhile, your currently running programs will also occupy more memory.

28) Why the displayed storage in the tablet is less than the described?

Firstly, the capacity’s conversion methods are different, namely, the standard capacity’s unit conversion is 1024MB equal to 1GB while the conversion unit is only 1000MB equal to 1GB when it comes out of the hard-disk manufacturer’s factory. Besides, the tablet’s operating system takes some capacity. So the tablet’s displayed storage is less than the described.


29) Why there is line on my screen or sometimes blinks up and down when I open it?

Please try to update the firmware, if you need we will send you the firmware files and guide to let you make it work.


30)Why some parts of the touch screen doesn’t response.

1.Low battery voltage may cause this.

2.Debug the driver.

3. Running too many apps may be the reason.

4. This may happen when the tablet is charging.

5. If possible, do the touch-screen calibration.

6. Upgrade to latest firmware.

7. TP is broken, need a replacement.


31)Battery is only charged 50% after 12 hours? Slow charging?

1. First test the battery voltage with Multi-meter.

2. If the voltage is bellow 4.0, it means the charger current is too small.

3. If it surpasses 4.0, it may be a board issue. The power supply detection circuit may not be calibrated. But it also may be a battery display issue.

4.If the voltage is 4.0 or above and the battery is 90% or above, then the battery is no problem .For example, charger (2.5 mm DC, 5V, 2A), battery 7500mAh, 3.7V, here, the charger is ok.


32) The battery displayed 100%, but it just began charging.  

It may be caused by firmware problem or battery issue.

1. Upgrade the firmware

2. Change a battery

33) The screen is still dark after unlock

This problem has nothing to do with the screen unlock.

First check the display brightness set, if you set to dark?

1. If the set is ok, the LCD screen is likely destroyed by electrostatic.

2. The software and the screen may not be debugged well.

3. The capacitor on FPC screen or on screen display circuit on the motherboard has some problem. But these two situations are rare.

4. LCD screen is in poor quality.

5. The machine fell down and broke the screen.

6. The firmware may be damaged, flash a rom.


34) The differences between LCD screen and TP screen. 

LCD screen is display screen, while TP screen is touch screen. 


35)Tablet battery runs out quickly.

Opening too many apps will cause this problem and it easily leads to a crash. So do not run too many apps at a time.


36) APK downloaded to SD card cannot be opened, no matter which folder it is put in.

1.The apk file haven’t downloaded completely.

2. The original apk file hasn’t been uninstalled completely, you couldn’t replace it directly.

3. It is not compatible with the rom.

37)It takes a long time to start games in tablet. Why does this happen?

This problem usually happens when the data of a game is too large. It needs a long time to show the picture when the game starts first time. These large games need to install data package.

38)Tablet flooding emergency measures

1. Do not boot the device, otherwise more serious damage would happen.

2.Try to pour the water out, then wipe and dry the tablet with a soft cloth gently and try not to damage the surface.

3.Then dry the body and parts with a hair dryer and take it to a repair shop, let a trained professional engineer to handle this. Only in this way can minimize the loss.

39) Do I need to pay extra money for the internet of tablet PC?

It depends on the way you connect the internet. If it is WiFi, it won’t cost any money except the WiFi fee. If it is 3G, the operator will charge according to the flow you use.

40) It takes a long time to shut down the tablet. Why?

The speed to shut down a tablet depends on the number of apps it runs. If you open too many apps, it will be slow to turn off it. The other reason is that long time use makes the tablet hot and the speed of CPU slow down. Sometimes the running software may make it long time to shut down too.

If you can’t shut it down in 5 minutes, please press “reset” button to close it.


41) How to play the games in SD card?

Install the games in the SD card and find it in the apps list, then you can play.


42) When open a website, tablet closes it automatically.

Maybe your browser hasn’t been downloaded or installed completely, better reinstall a browser.


43) Tablet don’t start after formatting the SD card. What to do?

Recommend to download the latest official firmware and install it.


44)Tablet cannot start.

1. Does the battery run out?

2.Plug in a charger and see if it can start.

3.Press “reset” button.

4.If it still can’t boot up, please try to upgrade or contact after-sale cs.


45)Screen has dots or lines.

Dots include defect dots, bright dots, dark dots, black dots, pinholes. etc.

The standards of the dots: allowable number of the dots ≤ 3; The average diameter of each dots must be ≥ 0.1mm; The distance between two points ≥ 10mm. Within the standards, it is allowed in the industry.


46)How to fix white screen, black screen, blue screen, and red screen?

1.Checking: if you download something with the tablet, maybe it infects with virus.

Use antivirus software clean the virus or back up the important data and then format the device.

2. Try a factory reset.

3. Upgrade the new firmware


47)Can’t play some video or audio files, or the tablet crashes as soon as you play one file.

Check if the format of the files is supported by the tablet. Some files can be played in PC, but can’t in players. Please replace the files with standard format ones. If the tablet crashes, you can press the power button close it or press reset button to reset.


48)Can’t play the songs in the player

Format the player. If you formatted the player with FAT32 or NTFS by mistake, this problem will happen. MP4 needs to update the media library after downloading.


49)Open the player, then tablet turns off or can’t start again.

This may caused by low battery power or voltage. Pls charge it 3-5 hours and then boot it.


50)Can’t connect to PC.

1.Change an USB cable

2. Please ensure that the computer's USB port has been opened.

3. Make sure the drivers properly installed.


51)Why the device is hot when it is in use?

Playback will produce work heat if the product casing is made of stainless steel whose thermal conductivity is relatively fast. It is a normal, just like a mobile phone becomes hot after calling for a certain time.


52) Can login QQ, but cannot access the website.

This is caused by that the gateway, network mask and DNS are not same with those of wireless router. So you need to change the wireless router channel to find the gateway, network mask and DNS of the wireless router, and than set it in static IP on the tablet and save, and then re-connect to the Internet.


53)It needs a long time to boot up. Why?

Excessive startup items greatly slow the start up speed down, suggest to install a software to optimize boot speed, such as Advanced Task Manager.


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