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About us



About Us



Pipomall.com is the exclusive and authorized global online shopping malls for PIPO’s tablets, accessories and Hi-tech items. Based in Shenzhen China, we are aiming to promote PIPO’s brand worldwide. Our dedicated employees are providing not only the high-tech tablet products, but also satisfactory service and professional technical support before and after sales. To be with us, you will be satisfied with:


  1. 1.    Quality Assurance

PIPO is one of the leading Tablet producers and suppliers in China. With strong production and R & D capabilities, PIPO has become to be one of the most favorable tablet brands in China and oversea market, owed to its super performance and low cost. For more about PIPO, please click www.pipo.com or www.pipo.cn.

As the authorized global shopping mall for PIPO, Pipomall.com was set up to provide you with professional support, before and after service, technical support and repair service, as well as good quality items from factory directly after strictly standard inspection.


  1. 2.    Thoughtful Service

l   Timely Reply: Pipomall.com provides online customer service and many other contact channels 24 hours a day to ensure that all inquiries or problem can be answered and solved in time. If a message has been left, it’s usually replied within a business day.

l   Free shipment to worldwide: Free delivery provided by Pipomall.com covers up to 200 countries in the world.

  1. 3.    Professional technical support

Pipomall.com has powerful and skillful technical support teams whose members are of more than 10 years experience in electronic and tablet field. We are offering a full range of professional technical support, before and after sale, to ensure your initial and ongoing successful control of your PC. For more about technical support, please contact our customer service.

4. Specific service

l   After-sale service: We are offering thoughtful after-sale service since we are PIPO authorized global service center. For more about it, please click …

l   Attractive Drop shipping & Wholesale policy:

Any customer is warmly welcome to develop Drop shipping or Wholesale business with us.

To be our Drop shipping or Wholesale partners, you will find business is so easy. You just need to sell out the products, and we will take charge of delivery, after-sale service and repair service. You will find your time is so easy because most of the job will be taken charge by us.

Furthermore, the more profit will be guaranteed by our attractive return policy, since there is less middle process between factory and the ending customers.

Our Dropship & Wholesale business is open to worldwide customers. If you have interest to do business please don’t hesitate to contact.



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